MahaVastu Certified Acharya Shreel Goyal

CEO, MahaVastu Chandigarh

Acharya Shreel Goyal, (born June 22, 1985, Mansa, Punjab) comes from a lineage of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, based in Sangrur with business interests in Rice, Paddy and Semi-edible Oil Mills. He finished his school and college education (BCom) from reputed institues in Sangrur and Chandigarh respectively. Right from his childhood, he developed a keen interest and acumen in sport and atheletic activities, going on to represent his district at the State Level in Table Tennis.

Mr.Goyal joined the family business quite young, looking to value add in building efficiency in the business operations. However, his life took a set back when he met with a severe accident which left him unable to work for almost 3 years. This low phase in his life was the turnaround, bringing a deeper sense of contemplation about the path and direction of his life.

It was during this time that Mr.Goyal was introduced to VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal, who was also a close family friend. Influenced by the MahaVastu ideology, he decided to implement certain changes which brought drastic improvements in his life. Following this, he decided to learn this unique art himself.

After the successful completion of this course, he solved a number of Vastu-related case studies and decided to further join the Advanced MahaVastu Course held in August 2015. He felt that his knowledge of MahaVastu was incomplete and there’s much more to learn!

He is of the opinion that “Learning is a Continuous Process, and each day, there’s something new to discover and learn in life.” He says that the prime motto of his life is to make others happy, and this is possible only through MahaVastu. He adds that whenever he solves a Case succesfully, its is satisfying not only at a monetary level but also at a deeper level, satisfying his core.

As the CEO of MahaVastu Centre in Chandigarh, he desires to be an “Ambassador of MahaVastu” spreading the principles of MahaVastu and the message of his Guru, far and wide. In this journey of his, he is accompanied by his life partner, Poonam Goyal, who is also a firm believer of Vastu.