MahaVastu Certified Acharya Mansi Chhugani

An interior designer by profession, Mahavastu Acharya Mansi Chhugani was born and brought up in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Born in 1977, she completed her course in B.Com in Raipur and got married to now Late, Mr. Anil Chhugani in Raipur itself. She calls herself blessed to be mother of three beautiful daughters, Bhumi, Dishi and Riya.

Mansi was inclined towards designing right from the start but lack of courses in Raipur at that time prevented her from pursuing her career in the same. After marriage, she got support from her beloved husband and completed diploma in Interior Designing while Bhumi and Dishi were quite young.

Luckily, time was in her favour and she started her career right after her course and her lifestyle changed from a housewife to a professional working woman. The work was very good and clients were very satisfied from the start which brought in regular referrals and she grew in no time. She has successfully completed projects in educational, government, health, hospitality, residential and commercial sectors. With aesthetics, comfort, time and budget she can shape any place.

Mansi didn’t believe in Vastu Shastra at first, but it seemed very much in the appetite of clients and regular demands made her realise that she needed to be independent of anybody. Then her husband and she did quite a research for genuine vastu courses and found out about Mahavastu and vastu shastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal.

She attended his courses and found Mahavastu techniques quite logical and decided to go ahead in this field.

Just when she had completed her Acharya course in January 2018, destiny took an unfortunate turn and she lost her husband in February 2018. She has solved many cases and has found positive results in almost all of them. But after her husband’s demise, she wishes to mainly focus on health related cases and see many people hearty and healthy around her. She was also awarded Best Mahavastu Acharya 2019.

Mansi also came across a myth which people believed, that vastu in houses leads to their simple and ordinary looks. She is therefore up with her firm, Designer’s Art Gallery, which provides not only designed spaces and not only vastu-balanced spaces, but both, vastu-balanced and designed spaces, each space as extraordinary and different as fingerprints.