MahaVastu Certified Acharya Pushpadantha KV Reddy

Mr Pushpadantha KV Reddy a mathematician by education and Astro Vastu consultant by passion, successfully practicing for last 20 years. He was born on 20th March, 1970 in Rajahmundry situated in bank of holy river Godavari. He did his post-graduation in Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

A certified MahaVastu and Maha Jyotish Expert, he is also serving for various MNC companies as an IT consultant in implementing IOT and Geo solutions in Smart cities, E-governance and National Land Records Modernisation Program (NLRMP) for various urban local bodies, revenue & survey departments in India. Mr Reddy has successful experience of handling large volume of projects with his technical and management skills. He was presented papers in 2008 & 2009 World Map Expo on “Need of Geo spatial services in E Governance” & “Optimal utilization of Geo Spatial services in Municipal Administration”.

Mr Reddy has awarded twice for his best contribution in development of indigenous geo spatial software product for NLRMP and E Municipality implementation in Bihar.

Core side of Mr Reddy also well known as accredited astrologer and vastu consultant in Andhra Pradesh. He is always felt happy in solving the people’s problems with his vast knowledge, experience and perfection in astrology – Vedic & Scientific. He also deals with issues like health, wealth, career, job and business, promotions, transfers in jobs, marriage, relationships & partnerships, obtain property and assets, education, romance and children etc. His thrust in learn mystic and occult sciences lead him to do research about connect between astrology and vastu to bring the happiness to the people who are really devoid of luck at raise of their birth. In this pursuit he came across Gurusakh Dr Kushdeep Bansal ji teachings who has already done lot of extensive work on bringing happiness to the people by mapping astrology with vastu. Mr Reddy was passionate about his findings and teachings. Now Mr Reddy is one of the successful Mahavastu and Mahajyotish expert is practically experiencing amazing results while giving solutions to the people through his knowledge obtained from gurusakh.

Mr Reddy is committed to build the Happy Society and he realised that Mahavastu and Mahajyotish is most powerful tools which will support him to bring the happiness in the people’s life.

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