MahaVastu Certified Acharya Ghanshyam Sharma

Mr. Ghanshyam Sharma was born on the 28th of October, 1966 in the Bandikui city in Dausa district of Rajasthan. He completed his graduation from the University Commerce College, Jaipur.

Gradually, he developed a keen interest in Spiritualism and Astrology and studied the Vedic Astrology for a long time. Mr. Sharma used to make Birth-charts or Horoscopes on his own and always tried his best to give the right future predictions with the correct information & calculations. His only aim was to unleash the hidden secrets of Astrology, and for this, he continuously involved himself in deep Meditation. Then he developed an intense desire to learn the Krishnamurti (KP) approach or method of Astrology and started taking classes from the revered Guru, Hariharan sir. Thus, Mr. Sharma got correct Astrological predictions from both the Vedic & KP methods, and this brought a great sense of fulfilment in him.

Mr. Ghanshyam Sharma received the Jyotish Visharad degree, the Jyotish Ratna certificate and the Jyotish Acharya certificate from the prestigious KP Astrological Research Institute, Chennai. Even today, he is involved in deep study and research of both the Vedic & KP methods of Astrology.  

However, for the past few years, Mr. Sharma developed a keen interest in Vastu and decided to learn this unique Science & Art of Space (Vastu) from none other than Dr. Khushdeep Bansal by joining the 4-day MahaVastu Course. Today, he is also a certified MahaVastu Expert (ME).  After successfully completing the 4-day MahaVastu course, it became easier for Mr. Ghanshyam Sharma to find effective solutions for both the Vastu & Astrological problems & solve innumerable Astro-Vastu cases!

He became very much inclined and interested in the MahaVastu approach & techniques of solving problems, as explained & demonstrated by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, popularly known as KB Sir, that he joined the 4-day MahaJyotish Course of MahaVastu. This was one of the greatest milestones of his career in Astrology! Today, he is not only a veteran Vedic Astrologer, but also a Pundit of the renowned KP Jyotish Shastra, a certified MahaVastu Expert (ME), well as an Expert in MahaVastu’s MahaJyotish Course. He believes that by continuously practising, matching, reading & writing Horoscopes & Birth-charts through detailed analysis & calculations using the valuable knowledge that he has accumulated through all the methods & techniques that he has learnt so far, he is able to make all the more accurate Astrological forecasts & predictions.

And to conclude Mr. Ghanshyam Sharma says that all the above techniques of Jyotish Shastra or Astrology that he has learnt in his life so far has helped him to attain that supreme state in Meditation which is called as the state of thoughtless awareness or निर्विचार की स्थिति. This guarantees sure success in the field of Astrology in which a person gets so engrossed in Meditation that he forgets all about the inhaling & exhaling of his breath even!

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