I am an interior designer. How can this course help me?

In this Course you will learn how to make beneficial use of Colours, Paintings, Sculptures, Lights, Plants, Flowers, Shapes and Design patterns to create Vastu compliant interiors in homes and workplaces. You will also get to know how interiors of a house affect the thought patterns and life of the inhabitants. So you will be able to create more beautiful & fruitful homes.

Thus, with the help of this course you can attract more clients, and solve their problems to their complete satisfaction. Needless to say that satisfied clients means a flourishing practice for you.

Can I do my own practice after doing your course?

Certainly; after successfully completing the MahaVastu Course you can use MahaVastu professionally. In fact this is the true purpose of MahaVastu Course and techniques. We expect all our experts to benefit not only personally from the MahaVastu Course by making their homes MahaVastu compatible but also help others by establishing their own MahaVastu practice. We encourage you to do so and actually support you by all means after you complete Advanced MahaVastu Course.

What is the language of instruction in MahaVastu Course?

Though the course manuals are prepared in English your MahaVastu coach will speak in your language. As this is basically an interactive learning programme, so language is not allowed to become a barrier in the learning. Your coach makes every effort to make each point very clear.

I already have some knowledge of Vastu. How will I benefit from your MahaVastu Course?

It is nice that you already know something about Vastu. However except for MahaVastu, there is no systematic method available for Vastu analysis of a building. All that goes in the name of Vastu is subjective interpretation of ancient texts which varies from one Vastu expert to other. Moreover there are no problem specific solutions. MahaVastu has systematized the ancient knowledge leaving no scope for subjectivity and confusion. By doing the MahaVastu Course, you will be able to understand clearly the logic & reason behind every problem that the occupants of a home are facing. You can then be very precise & accurate in the diagnosis.

How is this Vastu knowledge going to help me in my daily life?

In the MahaVastu Course you will learn how different aspects of your life, e.g., health, relationships, money, opportunities, recognition of your efforts, strength, achievements, success, savings, expenditure, support, clarity of mind, analytical ability, etc. are affected by your space. Then, you can, yourself, easily locate the exact root cause of your problems through application of the 4-Steps:

  1. Effect of Entrances;
  2. Effects of location of rooms as per 16 MahaVastu Zones;
  3. Influence of 5 elements, present in your space, on your life;
  4. MahaVastu Programming (How objects in your immediate surroundings are generating specific emotions and thoughts in your sub-conscious mind).

Finally, you can use the most suitable of 16 MahaVastu Techniques and MahaVastu Remedies to solve your problems, and lead a more joyous and happy life.

Will I be able to help people after doing this MahaVastu Course?

Yes, of course. We are here to create more happiness for ourselves as well as for people around us. The inner instinct of learning MahaVastu comes from the basic root of either helping our self or helping people around us.

Can I solve my problems after doing this course?

Yes, you can. By the evening of third day of the programme you'll be able to solve many of your problems of life.

What kind of problems I can solve after doing this course?

Practically, any kind of problem - be it related to health, education, career, relationships, money, business, growth, conception, regular accidents, children, marriage etc. You can learn more about this in the section 'Benefits of MahaVastu'.

Do you teach simple Vastu remedies?

Yes, we do teach simple MahaVastu remedies. Most commonly used MahaVastu remedies are taught in the MahaVastu Course contents. There you get to learn how you can apply MahaVastu Programming using these easy to apply MahaVastu remedies to solve various problems and to manifest specific desires, e.g., Getting clarity of mind; Overcoming anxiety; Getting financial support; Getting best career opportunities; Getting more orders and sales; Strengthening family bonding; Stopping draining of money and energy; Getting better health and faster healing; and more. These remedies are generally problem specific. So they give quicker and visible results.

Does this course teach only the "Theory of MahaVastu"?

No, this is completely a practice-oriented course, involving a lot of practical case studies as well as interactive discussions on various problems in life, e.g., why children not getting married; or, why they are not securing good marks in their exams; and how to solve them using MahaVastu Programming. In fact, for the purpose, Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal has also devised the MahaVastu Procedure Flow Chart which lucidly guides you how you can work step by step, on a practical case study. This is the only course that motivates you to apply MahaVastu sutras, test them practically yourself and report back deviations, if any. For that, you will also get a complete MahaVastu Kit.

Do you teach Feng-Shui also?

When you have learnt the tools of MahaVastu in the MahaVastu Course you would realise that then you understand even Feng-Shui; that too, more deeply, as many learned authors consider Vastu sutras as mother to Feng-Shui.

Do you teach meditation also?

Yes, but that is a part of the Advanced MahaVastu Course.

Is Vastu a matter of faith?

Any system of knowledge that has a set of rules that can be tested under controlled conditions and always give the same results during repetition is called a Science. This definition applies to MahaVastu also. Its formulas and tools always give you the same results whenever you apply them under similar conditions. There are more than 10000 documented MahaVastu case studies in which trained MahaVastu Experts applied the 4- Steps method to pinpoint the root cause of a problem and applied the 16 MahaVastu Techniques, successfully, to fetch the desired results for their clients. So MahaVastu is an absolute & the most fundamental science.

Who Can Learn MahaVastu?

Everyone who wants to know why their efforts are not producing the desired results. As well as those who wish to find out how their built up environment & architecture controls their sub-conscious mind and life. Also those who wish to learn how to attain more success, money and love in their life can come to learn MahaVastu.

What is the age limit to learn MahaVastu?

As far the upper age limit is concerned we believe it's never too late to start learning, if only you actually wish to. For the lower age, we prefer people who are 18yrs and above.

What is the eligibility to join the MahaVastu Course?

Anyone desirous of learning can join MahaVastu Course; there is no formal qualification required as such. The MahaVastu group is full of people coming from diversified educational backgrounds, e.g., Medical, Architecture, Engineering, Investment Banking, Finance, Science, Arts, Commerce, and also those with no formal education.

Do you teach from books? What books do you refer?

The MahaVastu Course is the outcome of successful application of MahaVastu principles all over the world over the last 18 yrs. The long research conducted by Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal and the 10000 case studies have been documented in a systematic & scientific manner. The basic rules of MahaVastu come from traditional Vastu texts like Vishwakarma Prakash & Atharvaveda. The authenticity of Vastu Sutras is confirmed by the research & case studies of Dr. Bansal & now, of course, the MahaVastu group. Only practical & workable techniques are distilled in to the syllabus of this programme. So you don't require any books initially but from time-to-time the MahaVastu group members are advised in alumni meetings to refer to books on other subjects.

Can I call you if I have some doubts after completing MahaVastu Course?

No; we do not answer your doubts or questions on phone. To answer your questions we need to have a look on your MahaVastu working (case study). You can bring your queries pertaining to all your case studies, with maps attached and discuss them with your coach. Alternatively, you can also drop an E-Mail to us if you have a theoretical question.

I want to write on Vastu Shastra; can I join you?

Yes, you are always welcome to write articles on MahaVastu; but we prefer articles which are fact based & impart practical knowledge.

Can I repeat this course? Will there be any fees for the same?

Yes, you can repeat it any number of times throughout your lifetime, free of cost. There will be no tuition fees; Only the basic expenses (like meal charges) of the venue are to be shared.

"Curiosity Is Spice To Life."

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