MahaVastu Certified Acharya Ashutosh Tiwari

Electronics Engineer & Builder by Profession.

Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari is a conscientious electronics engineer and acharya mahavastu and builder by profession.  Apart from this, he has also been the president of Lions Club Gwalior. He is currently the secretary of badminton association gwalior and Joint secretary, CREDAI, Gwalior.

He was born on November 21 1970 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. He then moved to Gondia, Maharashtra to complete the higher education from MIET Gondia.

He has built for himself a dual career. As a certified mahavastu Acharya and a builder & developer . He believes that mahavastu is the quintessential remedy that should be practiced at a large scale. His core responsibilities and strengths revolve around monologues and public speaking. His persuasive and compelling aura help him be a good Acharya, along with his perseverance and determination.

He conjectures and summarises that Mahavastu has an inconceivable power. He believes that problems are, in fact the nature’s way to attract your attention. For instance, pain in a particular part of your body attracts your attention so that you could address it with medical remedies, hence restoring the balance between body, mind and good health.

Similarly, problems in life indicate the areas where your attention is required. Mahavastu Procedure aids you to restore and maintain the balance. It leads you towards the attainment of Health, Success, Fame, Money and many joyful experiences in life. the also includes vastu tips.

“You are here on earth to experience eternal joy through many ways.”, says Dr. Khushdeep Bansal.

He believes that Mahavastu has many benefits and it probes as a blessing. Many of the benefits include earning money, getting recognition, feeling a sense of security, nourish beautiful relationships, heal depression and other shortcomings. He states that if the place of residence is wholesome and salubrious because of mahavastu, other aspects of life improve.

Being a builder Mr. Tiwari understands that construction is a massive tool of development in the country. After an extensive research on Vastu Shastra, he came across Mahavastu by Vastu guru Dr. Bansal and was inspired by him. He believes and live by example that vastu can transform you as an individual. He goes by dr. bansal’s life mission which is to ‘preach, preserve and curate this 12000 year old pure wisdom of our sages and scientists to our forthcoming generations.

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